How to Date Yourself in 10 Methods

How to Date Yourself in 10 Methods

Another Valentine’s Day has arrived and gone, and I’m left considering Cupid’s arrow and L-O-V-E.

This 12 months, however, it absolutely was less about me investing one hour shaving and much more about expression, introspection, and a journey to the heart of self-love.

Trust in me, I’m no specialist during the art that is fine of self-love. I’m generally speaking definitely better at self-deprecation and self-sabotage.

Backstory: I first started processing the notion of dating myself when I ended up being dealing with a significant, major breakup year that is last. It had been probably the most relationship that is defining ever been part of; it was with a guy who was simply the very first individual to ever understand me- the great, the bad, plus the early in the morning me (yikes). (mehr …)

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